Peer Support

Stressed? Worried? Anxious? Or just want to talk? Peer Supporters are here to listen to you, no matter how big or small you may think the issue is! We are a group of both grad and undergrad students who have applied and been selected as Peer Supporters, and have all had formal training (30 whole hours of it!) to enable us to listen effectively, communicate sensitively, respect boundaries and recognise when and how to encourage referral to professional support services.

We all operate under a policy of confidentiality, although we are trained to know when, in exceptional circumstances, confidentiality may have to be extended for the wellbeing of students.

Peer Supporters offer an easily accessible way of chatting over any concerns you may have – just send them an email / text / facebook message to arrange a chat over a cup of tea!

We listen and we want to help – please get in touch!39287260_304494356980416_8003945506290008064_n.jpg