The JCR’s termly accounts and budget are on the following pages as long with the forms needed to claim money from the JCR.

The Treasurer is also responsible for batteling members of the JCR for entry to the lottery, gym memberships and the annual charity fund. See below for more information on these.



At each general JCR meeting there is a lottery. 3 prizes of £20 are randomly selected from those who have signed up on the lottery sheet at the meeting. The cost of entering the lottery is £10 for the year and is batteled to you. To sign up, fill in the form at the start of michaelmas or just write your name on the sheet at a meeting.

Gym memberships

The LMH gym charges a small membership fee: £25 for MT, HT and TT. £15 for HT and TT and £10 for TT. To become a member please fill in the form on the battels page. The gym is looked after by the Sports Officer.

Charity Fund

Each year the JCR elects three charities to support. There is an opt-out battel of £10 which goes into a fund for these charities. This takes place in Michaelmas term each year. To opt out look out for an email or contact the Treasurer.