University Sport

There are around one hundred Oxford University sports clubs – for a full A-Z list check out the Sports Federation website. Some university clubs require potential members to take part in trials, whilst others are open to anyone without trials. Most have their own webiste where you will find lots of information about how the club works as well as contact details for the club president or captain.

Below you can find out a bit more about some of the university sports clubs that LMH members are part of. This is by no means an exhaustive list of clubs, but if you are interested in any of the below then do get in touch with your fellow LMH-er involved in that sport as they’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions about clubs not listed below or about university sport in general please get in touch with Millie (JCR sports officer).

Athletics – Miles Weatherseed

I’ve been involved in athletics for the past 8 years and have been a member of the university club since I came to Oxford last year. OUAC is the biggest sports club in Oxford and is a very easy club to get involved with, regardless of your background. Our members range from people simply looking to stay fit, to people looking to make national teams. Athletics is a sport which doesn’t require any previous experience in order to take it up at uni, so there’s never been a better time for you to give it a try. We’ve got fantastic coaches in every discipline, as well as a passionate committee, here help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. OUAC also has a brilliant social scene, which I’d thoroughly recommend joining the club for, even if you have no interest in physical activity of any sort! Please get in touch with any questions or check out the website.

Badminton – Rosie Barker / Adam Milner

Hi, I’m Rosie and I am a second year studying Physics.  I am a member of Oxford University Badminton Club and play for the women’s second team.  If you want to play more competitive badminton then this is a great club for you!  We have five teams (three mens, two womens) which you can try out for at the beginning of Michaelmas term.  If you would prefer to play more socially, there are four clubnight sessions each week which everyone is welcome to attend, or you can play badminton within LMH!  All abilities are welcome!
My name is Adam and I’ve been playing badminton since I was 11 years old. Before coming to LMH I played for my county in many national events and I’m now part of the university squad. To be selected for the squad you will need to trial in 0th week. If you made it into a team you’ll have training 2-3 times per week. This involves warm ups, drills and games, all in preparation for weekly matches in the BUCS league and the annual Varsity match. There is a great deal of sportsmanship and friendliness within the club – it’s great fun! If you want to find out mroe about university teams (or – like me – you missed the trials but think you have what it takes) then please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Cheerleading – Beth Jagger

My name is Beth Jagger and I’m a member and one of the coaches of the Oxford Sirens, the Oxford University Cheerleading Squad. Cheerleading involves a variety of skills such as stunts, tumbles and dance, which we put together into a routine to compete at both national and Varsity competitions each year. Some of our members are experienced in dance and gymnastics but most of us were completely new to the sport when we joined, so regardless of experience, if you’d like to be a part of a fun, friendly team and learn amazing stunts, come along to our free taster sessions at the beginning of term!


Cricket – Rosie Barker

I am a member of Oxford University Women’s Cricket Club.  Everyone is welcome to attend our training sessions, from complete beginners to very experienced players.  We have two teams and train once a week throughout the year.  We are a very sociable and friendly club, and look forward to seeing you!  If you fancy a new sport, cricket is great to try for the first time at Uni.

Cross Country – Miles Chandler

If I asked ‘what are your favourite things?’ mud isn’t an answer I’d expect. Neither is pain. But for some reason when you combine the two and call it Cross Country, you get one of the biggest sports clubs in Oxford! OUCCC has members ranging from international athletes to people looking for an easy, social run a couple times a week. Come along in 1st week and you’ll find an incredible team spirit, get to know the city better than any of your mates, and you’ll be able to compete in a Varsity Match by the end of Michaelmas! There are lots of OUCCC members at LMH and we are also reigning cuppers champions, a title I hope we will defend this year as I am the Club Captain! Please get in touch with me (or Miles W or Laura) if you’re interested in getting involved.

Football (Women’s) – Ellie Backhouse / Maddie Hooper

Gymnastics – Gabrielle Swycher

Oxford University Gymnastics Club is a friendly gymnastics club that welcomes all abilities from newcomers to competitive gymnasts! We train up to 3 times a week and compete in National competitions and Varsity against Cambridge. We also organise lots of fun socials so it’s a great way to meet people!

Hockey – Jem Scrase

OUHC is a great society to be a part of! There are 4 mens teams and 3 ladies, most of which are entered into two leagues so we play 2 matches weekly throughout Michaelmas and Hilary Term on top of a further 2 training sessions. The club is very integrated and have socials organised every Wednesday which are a great way to get to know not only members of OUHC but other sports teams across Oxford. Trials for the all teams will be on Sunday 9th of Freshers week. Please come along if you are keen to play – as there are 3 teams there is a wide range of ability so don’t be nervous to try out. Equally don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it into the team this year – college hockey is open to absolutely anyone who would like to play, whether you have had a ton of experience or have never picked up a hockey stick before. Academy hockey is also open to people who don’t make it into OUHC first time and players are often moved up. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message either me or Tom Morrison. Best of luck!

Judo – Ellie Ridge

I’ve been doing judo since I was 12. I competed at both BUCS and Varsity last year and currently hold the position of Treasurer. Oxford Judo Club currently has around 85 regular members from both the University and wider Oxford community, ranging from absolute beginners to experienced international players. We are always keen to welcome new members. Everyone is dedicated and keen to develop their jodo skills, but also friendly and fun – we have regular socials. Beginners classes are held at the beginning of Michaelmas, and judo is a really fun way to improve fitness, strength, agility and confidence, as well as meet lots of new people.

Polo – Issa Patel

OUPC is a really friendly club with over 80 active members, ranging from complete beginners (most of our members are beginners to the sport upon coming to Oxford) to seasoned professionals. I have been playing polo for several years now, and currently hold the positions of Chariman within the club, as well as being a Blues squad player. Taster sessions will be held at the start of term for those who have never played, and any LMH memebers interested are more than welcome to get in touch!

Quidditch – Shati Patel

Hi, I’m Shati, a beater for Oxford Quidditch Club’s first team. You may know quidditch as the sport played in the Harry Potter series. The real world version is very different but equally exciting! It’s a mixed gender, full contact sport combining elements of rugby, dodgeball, volleyball and many more. Oxford’s first team are the current regional and British champions, while the second team is a great place for a more relaxed introduction to the sport. Everyone is welcome to join – just get in touch or visit our website for more information.

SwimmingLaura Fenwick

I’ve been swimming since the age of 9 and joined OUSC in my second year here. There are several different options for being involved in university swimming, depending on your level of commitment and ability / previous experience. The OUSC Blues team focuses on competitive swimming training. To join the team you will almost certainly have trained and competed before, and you’ll need to be willing to commit to at least 6 training sessions a week. Team trials are held at the start of Michaelmas term. For swimmers who don’t want to commit to the Blues team, or don’t make the team, there are options for training with the seconds swim team or with the university triathlon or modern pentathlon clubs. The triathlon club is also suitable for novice swimmers who want to get involved with swimming at university but have little or no experience with the sport. In the summer the club takes part in open water swimming events, including a swim on the Henley rowing course and a cross channel relay every other year. For more information about any of the above please get in touch!

Touch Rugby – Joe Gage

Touch rugby is a lot of fun, easy to pick up, and great for fitness. The Oxford uni team competes weekly in a local league and once or twice a term in tournaments around the country against other universities. In addition to this, we run a session once a week at Iffley Road. We play in mixed gender teams so anyone is welcome, even if you’ve never touched a rugby ball in your life!

Triathlon – Laura Fenwick

I’ve been involved in triathlon for about 6 years now and I have been a member of the university club since my first year. I’m a qualified coach and this year I’m also the club President. OUTriC is one of the biggest sports clubs in Oxford and welcomes anyone interested in the sport, from completed novices who didn’t even know what triathlon was when they joined, to international/national level athletes. Every year we have many new members who have never done any serious swimming, cycling or running before, let alone a triathlon! Memebers can attend as few or as many of the weekly sessions as they like and the club has qualified coached and a committee on hand to support all members. For more experienced athletes, there are plenty of like minded and talented people to train with on a daily basis. Check out the website and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Water Polo – Tilly Gilbert

Water polo is sort of like a mix of rugby and swimming, a full contact sport with two referees, a squad of 13, one ball and whole lot of fun. Oxford University has three teams, a men’s first and seconds and a women’s and the annual Varsity match is the oldest running competition in the sport. We welcome total beginners to the game to come and train with us, though some sort of swimming experience is always a good start! Also, Prince William was the captain of the St Andrews water polo team so you know you’d be in good company.