JCR Meetings

What are JCR Meetings?

JCR Meetings are the body facilitating discussion and decision making of the student body. We have 4 JCR general meetings per term, normally on the Sunday at the start of 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th week. These take place in the bar and offer free pizza, a free drink and a chance to enter the JCR lottery.

JCR Constitution

You can read the JCR constitution here.


Motions are the organ by which members of the JCR can pledge opinions, ask for money or change the JCR constitution. You need to have someone both to propose and then second the motion and these people both need to be members of our JCR. At the meeting, the person who’s proposed the motion will be asked to speak, but you can get someone else to on your behalf if you’d prefer. Then if someone wants to speak against the motion they can and a more general debate may be had. People can also propose amendments to your motion at the meeting which if seconded and voted through will mean the motion can only pass with this amendment. Any questions please contact the JCR secretary. 

They should be submitted to the JCR secretary, by email or using the form below, by the day before a general meeting and written in the style below. JCR notes are points of information and interest that support your motion. JCR resolves points are those that state exactly what the motion is proposing.


MOTION: To give £600 towards subsidising Oxmas Family Formal
Proposed by: Joe Gage
Seconded by: Liv Withers

This JCR notes:
• Family formal was established last year with the aim of it being an annual event – it was a great success last year
• Last year £500 was used from the motions budget but this year college are not able to subsidise the meal at all themselves so we need more
• Using this money along with £400 of our own budget, the social secretaries will be subsidising the meal down to approximately £10 from £15
• While the meal will only involve a subset of the JCR, the college family system is an important and celebrated part of college life that everyone in the JCR is involved with at some point
This JCR resolves to:
• Donate £600 from the motions budget towards subsidising family formal down to a more reasonable price

This is the google form that you can submit your own motions: