Clubs & Societies

Q. How do I set up an LMH society?

A. Just do it! If you have a group of people all interested and you think it will work – go for it. There’s no formal registration process. You can book rooms on the intranet and advertise using the JCR Facebook Page and notices email. The only time you need to talk to the JCR is if you would like to ask for funding. This is done through passing a motion in a JCR meeting.

Q. What clubs and societies are there at LMH?

A. All of the below (& probably more that aren’t listed here!). For sports clubs see the Sports Clubs & Teams Page. If you organise an LMH club or society that you would like listed below please let Laura ( know!

Beaufort Creative Writing Society: Maddison Sumner and Pip Cull

Cheese Society: Jack Langley

Christian Union: Robert Harrison

Clarinet Choir: Heather Barr

History Society: Tom Gould and Esther Rollinson

LGBTQ: Mason Hill

LMHBBKBBQ : Will Hart (brewing, beekeeping and bbq)

LMH biere d’or, flugel and Brett Lee appreciation society: Will Hart

LMH Film club : Cara Nicholson and Zahra Farzanekhoo

Orchestra of Wadham and LMH: Zak Thomas Johnson and Robert Harrison / Facebook