Welcome to LMH’s Junior Common Room Website!

This page contains (hopefully) all the information you will ever need about the goings on in our community: welfare provision, sports fixtures, clubs, societies, JCR motions, what’s going on in the bar and, most importantly, some really flattering pictures of the Exec.

The JCR is made up of undergraduates in college and is run like a mini student union. We have a committee of twenty seven who are elected by the JCR to represent their issues to college, sit on committees, manage the budget and send you lots of emails.


Motions about how we spend out budget and what the committee are mandated to do can be proposed by any member of the Common Room in JCR meetings (8pm in the bar every other Sunday). Because we love democracy there is also free pizza.

LMH is a supportive community passionate about equality.

We were the first women’s college and the first college to go mixed: this spirit of inclusivity is something we are exceptionally proud of. And it’s one of the reasons why we’re, of course, the best college in Oxford.